Thursday, 17 November 2016

My Why do we Have Chairs in the Classroom

My class has been learning to write an explanation. At the start of the term we wrote why we had chairs in an explanation and in it we had to include how chairs help us and what would happen if they weren't there. Here is my Why do we have Chairs in the Classroom?explanation.

What are Chairs?
At Awahono we have chairs in our classrooms. Chairs are furniture that you sit on and most of the time they have four wooden legs. We use them so that we are level with the tables. Chairs help us to focus, to not get a sore back and they help us be level with what we are doing.
Image result for chairHow Chairs Help us Focus
The reason that we have and use chairs is because it lets us have a focused mind on what we are doing. If we didn’t have chairs we would be way less focused on what we are doing. With chairs we achieve much more  and it lets us get more work done in a time period.

Straight backs
When we sit on chairs we have straight backs which makes us feel better. If we are slumped down in our chairs  it is bad for our backs and it is more likely you will fall asleep. With a straight back you can have good work because you don’t fall asleep on what you are doing.

Why do we have chairs?
The reason that we have chairs is because it would be uncomfortable If we didn’t. We would not be level with what we are doing and we would not be focused. If we didn’t have chairs we would have to sit on the floor. If we did that we would get sore legs from laying on them so much.

I think that if we didn’t have chairs in the classroom we would be a lot less focused and we would not have as good work as we have. If we did not have chairs we would have sore and tired legs every day and school would be way less enjoyable.         

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