Thursday, 6 September 2018

El Gregoe

We had a recent visitor at our school on Tuesday 4th of September who was called El Gregoe. After he left we got the choice of what type of writing we used. I wrote a letter to the other schools to tell them that they should have El Gregoe visit them too. Here it is:

Dear Schools of the West Coast

I believe that you should have El Gregoe come to your school for some pretty good reasons.

First is that he is a magician, so you could let him entertain your school. Maybe your school is a little sad for some reason. In that case they would become more happy when they see his tricks. His tricks are so good that most of our school didn’t know how he did it. He also uses pretty birds and a guinea pig to help him make it seem like he is better, pulling them out of thin air.

Second is that he teaches schools that bullying is not okay and how to avoid it. He even does tricks to help us figure them out. Sometimes he uses a ventriloquist act for a puppet where they talk about their problems(which aren't actually real) which can happen in real life.

So in conclusion, I think that you should have El Gregoe visit your school to help stop bullying and perform cool magic tricks.
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  1. Hi Miro, it's Ryan here, you're writing is very informative about why you should have El Gregoe visit your school to help stop bullying and to entertain. From Ryan.

  2. Hi Miro its Tane. I like the El Gregoe writing that you did. Did you have fun at El Gregoe? I did. Your writing is impressive about why you should stop bullying because it is getting out of hand.
    From Tane
    Kind regards

  3. Thank you Tane for that helpful comment. I did enjoy El Gregoe very much. I am trying to get better on my persuasive writing so that I can persuade the reader more often.


Thank-you for your positive, thoughtful, helpful comment.