Friday, 21 August 2020

Ice cream

 Every Friday our school  has science and today we learned how to make unicorn ice cream. Here is the instructions on how to make it: 

1. Add butter to a big bowl

2. Turn up the butter with a mixer 

3. Add sweetened milk

4. Divide the contents into three bowls and add different food colouring for each 

5. Scoop each bowl one at a time into a baking tray and spread them out. 

6. Mix them together a little to mix the colours 

7. Put a lid on the baking tray and put it in the fridge for around 24 hours 

8. Eat your delicious meal


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  2. Hi Miro it's Solly. I like how you put enjoy your meal at the end. Maybe you could tell them what colours went well together.

  3. Yum, sounds tasty! Curious to hear what it tastes like 😋🍦 -Erin

  4. How did it turn out Miro? I would love to see some photos of the unicorn ice-cream!

  5. Hi Miro,

    It must have been really fun making ice cream at school! I like how you had a numbered point beside each step. What colours were the ice cream? Maybe next time you could add some photos of you making and eating it. Just remember when writing instructions you need to have an Utensil, Equipment or Ingredient list. Do you mix the sweetened milk and the butter together? Maybe next time you could describe a bit more on how to make it because some of the steps just don't make sense. Did you get to taste the ice cream?

    Amazingly Yummy Post, Miro



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