Wednesday, 3 April 2019

Recruit Scene

In class our teacher is reading us a book called "The Recruit". It is a great book about kid spies. In our reading activities one of the options is to create a slideshow showing one of your favourite scenes from the book. I chose one where the main character gets attacked but his friends save him. Here it is:


  1. Thank you for your very creative power point Miro. I did read a little of Recruit so this is just cool to see.

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  3. Kia Ora Miro, My name is Tui i am from Te kinga class at Lake Brunner school. I really like how you showed how it is good to help people when the need it.

  4. Dear Miro
    My name is Eden from lake Brunner School.
    I really liked how you created a very cool slide that was telling a story. I really enjoyed how the slide show was never boring and that the story ended good. I think you did a great job. How long does this take you to create?

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    From Eden at Lake Brunner

  5. Thank you Eden for that comment. I really liked making it. It took me about 1 hour. ( stop motion animations take lots of time.)

  6. Thank you Tui for your comment. I didn't actually plan to make it show to help other people, but that is another good side to it.


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