Friday, 6 April 2018

Hunting and Fishing Competition

At school we have been writing about the Hunting and Fishing Competition. Since I have never been I had to describe it through the photos our teacher had given us. I am against hunting and fishing because I think it's unfair on the animals side so I have said throughout this writing how I am disgusted and sad for the animals.

Strolling towards the place I am unwilling to go to, but must do, I try to stuff my nose full of sweet smelling flowers. My brother has harassed my dad to take us to the Hunting and Fishing Competition. As we finally arrive at it I quickly split away from dad and my brother to look at everything without hearing things like, “ That is the greatest kill I’ve ever seen,” and stuff like that.

Staring at the first truck I am shocked with a sensation of disgust, frustration and sadness as I gaze upon the hanging deer. Limp and lifeless, all legs are broken and their tongues hanging out. Disgusted, I speed off in the opposite direction. I look to the side of me as I run and see a mass bunny slaughter in the back of a truck. Piled on top of each other, the hairs mostly look untouched, but  in some places there are stains of red. Still sprinting away from the death I notice a tractor lifting a carcass of a deer all around the place. I close my eyes. Wrong move! As I slowing and steadily open my eyes I gaze right into the creepiest thing yet!

I am staring right at the tail of a hanging trout. White eyed and dripping with blood, I quickly roll out from under them before I get dripped on. Hurrying to my feet, I speed off into a white tent. Inside I find a tray with an eel in it. I think it’s dead and I turn to leave, but then I notice it wiggle. Staying, I watch it swim around lazily for a minute or two. Faint black with its left fin almost half gone I have a hunch that it gave up quite a fight. Feeling sorry for it, I want to free it somehow, but I know it is impossible. I stay, even as I am told it is time to go.

Dragged out eventually by my dad I trudge slowly away from the Killing Competition.

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  1. Miro, I was very moved by your descriptive writing of your experience at the hunting competition, I was left feeling very clear about how you felt, and appreciated the honesty in your writing. Well done.

  2. Fantastic writing Miro! I love how descriptive & emotive it is.

  3. Hi Miro, it's hard to believe you've never been to a hunting and fishing competition as you've described the scenes so vividly, and your feelings about the competition are so clear. I like the way you've varied your sentences, which also helps to make your writing interesting for the reader. You've written some important words at the start of some of your sentences to great effect, eg "Limp and lifeless". You've also included a short sentence for effect: "Wrong move!" Well done!


Thank-you for your positive, thoughtful, helpful comment.