Wednesday, 2 November 2016

My Dr Dischord Paragraph

In room five our teacher has bean reading us a book with a man called Dr Discord and when we learned about him we did a description about him and his surroundings. Here is one of the paragraphs of him, the reason that I have chosen this one is because it has a very good description of him.    

Dr Discord's job is to give people sound by mixing up the stuff in the bottles ( which is sound ) to make a potion which he gives to his patients. Dischord has a Dynne which he found in a soda bottle and took care of it, but then he placed it in a bigger bottle on his shelf. When one of his patients does not want to drink his potion he gives it to his Dynne for his meal. Dr Dischord has a white lab coat, some glasses on his nose and compared to his ears they are tiny and a giant mirror on his head.  


  1. Sounds like an interesting story! What happens to the people when they drink the bottles?

  2. Thank you for the comment mum and they hear the sound that Dischord gave them.


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