Wednesday, 16 November 2016

My Pet Day Review

In my writing I have been learning to do a review and this week I have been writing about Pet Day. In my review I put some of the major events that happened on Pet Day like the work shops. Here is my Pet Day review.

What Is Pet Day     
Awahono’s last Pet Day was Friday 21  October 2016 and on Pet Day everyone got to bring their pets to Awahono School. We did Pet Day to let other people see other people’s pets. We did a lot of things on Pet Day and I am going talk about some of them.

When I got to Pet Day I went to look at the other animals. First, I looked at the calves and the first one I saw was a grown up cow! The owners of the cow said that it was tame so I got to go on its back and it felt bony  being on it because I had only been on a horse. Then I looked at the other calves which were normal, except for the last one which wouldn’t let me pat it’s head or any of it because it kept moving away. Next was the dogs, the first one was tiny and white and black, the second one looked tough but when I got closer he turned out to be a big softy and I could tell that he was happy. He kept on rubbing against me and and jumping on me and when I went away, he whimpered. The last one went on his back and we rubbed his tummy and his leg went back and forth.
Workshop 1

After break we had the first activity which in my case was outdoor activities. In outdoor activities we played games that always had a winner which I liked because I won a few of the games.

Workshop 2
After lunch it was time for the second activity which was when I went to cupcake making which I enjoyed very much because we got to put the toppings on the muffins. I enjoyed it especially because we got to eat them after.

I enjoyed Pet Day because I got to meet everyone's pets and to do a lot of fun.  

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