Wednesday, 22 April 2020

Writing task (dogs)

I believe that you should stop trying to ban dog walkers from the river track just because they do not
pick up the poo that their dogs leave. Here is my reason why. 

First off, they really don’t need to because poo is fertiliser and is good for the plants around the track.
You definitely want the track to have lots of healthy, green, plants and trees around it. 

Secondly, you could either have a warning notice so that they have one chance before they are band
from the track and also you could just make up a rule that the owner would just have to cover the poo
with some dirt so that the passerby wont smell it.

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  1. You have made a couple of good points Miro. I definately don't like walking behind someone who doesn't pick their dogs poo up, it's very very smelly. But I do like your point about people getting a warning maybe. I think it would be very hard to police wouldn't it.
    Keep up the thought provoking writing.
    Mrs C


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