Wednesday, 22 April 2020

Writing task (money)

I don’t think that you should tell everybody about how you won 3 million dollars in the lottery.
Here are my reason why.  

For reason one, If you tell everybody then somebody may steal some of that money.
You may think that people wouldn’t do that and most of the time you are right but every once in a
while there is a person who would steel from other people.  

For my second reason, everybody you know would be asking for little amounts of money
because you have such a great amount. If you say no then they will think that you are greedy and
maybe become not your friend.

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  1. It could be a very tricky situation couldn't it Miro. Possibly all of a sudden you might have a lot of people wanting to be your friend. You have made some good points. Do you think there could be any good things about telling people?
    Mrs C


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