Friday, 24 April 2020

minecraft anzac war

for one of the tasks that I had, one of them was to recreate the trenches from the first world war and how they used a cave to get to the trenches. we read a book that we were assigned and it talked about how the two trenches used tunnels to try and blow each other up. Here is a video of the work me and my brother did on minecraft:


  1. Good effort Miro, neat to see Minecraft and school work combined! 😁 -Mum

  2. Hi Miro,

    What a creative piece of work! You are very good at making things on minecraft. How long did it take to make it? If I got the chance to make this I wouldn't know what to do! Minecraft is not my thing. LOL! Does this topic interest you? Did you have to research what the trenchs looked like? I like how you made land all different shapes and sizes because it points out what it would have been like during WW1. Adding specific places in the trenches was a great idea and No Mans Land looks very dangerous to me. What kind of TNT did they use back then? How did you make the people with green clothing? Amazing work, Miro!

    Keep it up.

    Your Sincerely


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