Friday, 17 April 2020


for some of our homework while in isolation, our teacher assigned us a challenge to bake something. she also assigned us a template that we had to fill out. we made a chocolate cake. here it is:


  1. Hi Miro,
    You and Solly have made a great looking cake there!I love the smiley face decorating!
    I've never seen a cake that uses boiled water as an ingredient. Where did you find the recipe? My Nana used to have a cake mixer like the one in your slide .. sometimes the older appliances work better than newer ones I think!
    Great job. Stay safe,

    1. thanks for the comment. my mum searched up a cake recipe that used self raising flour.

  2. That looks delicious Miro. I use a very similar recipe for my chocolate cake. You have to be very careful pouring the boiling water in at the end don't you. I love the way you decorated it too. :)
    Awesome work!
    Mrs C

  3. Hi Miro
    It's great to see the photos of you and Solly working together to make your cake. It looks very nice, I really like the way you decorated it. Hope it was yummy!

    Mrs Wallace


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