Tuesday, 24 March 2020

Not to kill a deer

For one of the writing prompts our teacher gave us when school let out was to try and persuade your imaginary friend not to go hunting in a deer hunting club. Here is my writing:

Hey, you shouldn’t join that club! I have plenty of reasons why you shouldn’t join the deer hunting club for a passtime.

For one, It is unfair for the deer that you are hunting. They have done nothing against you and you just go and shoot them. Imagine how you would feal if you were just having a normal day at the park or home and suddenly a deer ran up to you and shot you with a gun (this is metaphorical, I don’t think deers can actually do this in real life).You can save deer lives by not joining that club.

And for second, you can just eat vegetables instead of meat. It is not that hard to buy veges at the store instead of meat. Because everytime you eat meat, you are eating a once living creature. And if you don’t want to buy fruit and veg then you can just make yourself a garden at your home for free nutritious food. If you worry about not getting enough iron because you aren’t eating meat there are actually lots of foods(that is not meat) that give you iron like beans, nuts chocolate etc.


  1. I think your reasons are very lodgical Miro. I definately wouldn't want to see a deer with a gun in a park :)

  2. Hi Miro. I hope you are well today.
    You have given some great alternatives to eating meat - and it's very practical at the moment to have your own garden to grow fruit and veges. Did you know that vitamin c helps your body to absorb iron? Strawberries are great for this as well as leafy green veges like silverbeet and spinach. I did not know that chocolate gives you iron - I like this fact very much!
    Take care

  3. Hi Miro,
    It is nice to see so much passion in your writing. You can tell this is a piece of writing you are really passionate about. You have created a wonderful piece of wiritng with some great ideas. I like how you made it interesting by flipping it around and asking the reader how they would like it . A very good way of getting your point across. Well done.


Thank-you for your positive, thoughtful, helpful comment.