Wednesday, 25 March 2020

dog leashes

For one of the writing prompts that our teacher gave us when school let out, I chose one were you have to complain about people with long leashes. Here it is: 

I am so tired of when people use very long dog leashes when they walk their dog through the park or anywhere in particular. Here are my two reasons why. 

First off, when I am riding around on my motorized scooter and a long leash gets stuck in the wheel so I crash or have to stop. Also, most of the time they act like it is my fault! It’s not always when your on your scooter, long leashes act as tripwires even when you are walking and they are still as annoying. 

Secondly, when dogs are on long leashes and they are untrained like they misbehave a lot, the owner can’t do much about it with a long leash when they start to do bad things. Lets say they run and knock into someone, you can stop that if you have a short leash. They also sometimes think they can do whatever they want because they feel like they are far enough away from their owner to not get in trouble when they do bad things. 

In conclusion, long dog leashes are bad because they create tripwires and the owner has next to no control over their dog.


  1. Wow Miro, I love your ideas. I love how you gave your opinion then followed it up on your reasoning for it. I agree with your point, it is so much easier to control a dog when you have them on a shorter lead. What kind of leads do you think dogs might prefer?

  2. Thanks for the comment Miss Wilson. I think that the best dog leashes are the ones you can adjust when aren't doing your walk to the length you want it and I think the one the dogs would like would be definitely a fuzzy collared one.😁


Thank-you for your positive, thoughtful, helpful comment.