Friday, 29 June 2018

Total Annihilation 4

This is another of the Total Annihilation series. It's actually the fourth! I have been starting to work on it more because there are other Animations which are close to their third. I hope you enjoy it, I did. Here it is:   


  1. Hi Miro, I really enjoyed this animation; it's a step up from the previous one because you have lots more dialogue and you have a good story. Your backgrounds are a lot more interesting and you are becoming more skilled at making objects and people smaller as they go into the distance. A suggestion for a further improvement could be to write a sentence or two to give more background information on the pages where you say things like, "Meanwhile". Have you thought about recording your animation as a Screencastify so that you control the speed of the slides?
    Well done, I'm looking forward to the next instalment. What's so special about the amulet, by the way?

  2. hi Miro
    I enjoyed looking at your blog post i loved how it changed locations
    next time try explaining why you did it.
    I hope to see more like this.


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