Thursday, 28 June 2018

Inferno Cloud

In class we are learning to structure a narrative and so we had to write a story based on a picture we were given. The picture was this: 

We also had a challenge to include a hook. Here is my hook
Inferno Cloud  
Everybody around me was shrieking and running around as the unstoppable inferno grew closer. The heat was unbearable so I sprinted towards my house, not knowing what to do. My friend,Uko, held me back as the triple decker building collapsed in on itself into the fire below. Uko was a kind boy who tried to look out for everybody, including his friends. I pushed my friend away as I ran into what was left of the building. The heat was searing and I was about to dash out when a large beam fell from what remained of the second floor and knocked me out. After that I had flashes of what happened next. I got the picture that someone came in to get me out and took me to one the railways that led out of the city, and then everything went black.
If you want to read the whole story, then click this link
Inferno Cloud

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