Thursday, 14 June 2018

Danger Game 2 Screencastify

Soon after we finished Danger Game 2 we made a screencastify and acted it out. Here is the video of Danger Game 2:


  1. Hi Miro, making a screencastify of your SMA is a great development; it's so much better to hear your voices and for you to move the characters. I also like that you are moving some of your characters off into the distance, making them smaller as they go. Your animation is becoming much more exciting - well done.
    Have you thought about adding some sound effects? How about some music?
    Mrs Idle

  2. Kia ora Miro, Tane and Blake,
    Thanks for sharing your Danger Game. It looks like you have been working really hard and your animation is looking good. Like Mrs Idle said, it's great to see your animations getting smaller as they move into the distance. How long did it take you to do this? Were you at the same house when you created it or did you do it online?

  3. Hello Miro,
    that was a great video i love how when all the characters were eating the apples and said i'm fall and one upgraded.the part at the end was amazing and funny.maybe next time you could make more character upgrade.
    how did you get all the characters?


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