Friday, 6 July 2018

Sid Writing

We have a cat which visits us regularly. We had to write about her like what she does or why she comes around. We wrote a description about Sid. Here is my one: 

Sid is a cat who has been visiting our school. He comes here for the food and rubs.We named him so because there is a book called “Six Dinner Sid.” In the book there is a cat named Sid who has 6 different owners who each feed him separately because they don’t know that Sid goes to other people.

Sid is a female cat which is white on the bottom and black on her back which stops and starts again on her head, creating a sort of mask. When she yawns she hides her olive green eyes, and shows you her rows of deadly sharp teeth. She has a dot on her nose which kind of ruins the mask effect.

Sid will come right up to you and push against you until you rub her. When you do finally, she will let out a happy pur. Our Sid is almost like that Sid except we know a few other people that feed him. He will pester the teachers when he wants some food. He has his own bowl which he visits even when it is empty. To my surprise, Sid actually doesn’t chase the chickens or the small birds. She might enter the chicken pen, but she just walks around casually. Although I have never seen her do it, Some people say that she likes resting on the hay meant for the chickens (she uses it before it goes into the nests.) Also someone said that Sid has hissed at them even though they weren’t doing anything.

Recently, Sid has done two things. First, when the cleaner lady didn’t notice Sid was in the library, she didn’t tell anyone and Sid stayed in there all night! During that time she set off the alarm twice. The other thing was that one morning she sat by the office door, meowing. She had a limp for some unknown reason. One of her back legs was bleeding very badly so we found her owner and gave Sid to them. We all hope she gets all better.   

In conclusion, Sid is a nice cat who does many things, including getting hurt and being naughty.


  1. You have excellent descriptive writing skills Miro! Makes it so interesting to read what you write :-) Love, Mum

  2. Hello! This a great description of Sid and you used paragraphs very well. It has fabulous descriptions such as, "Deadly sharp teeth" or "olive green eyes." Next time try adding similes or metaphors to make it a little bit more exciting.

    Bye BYe!

  3. Hi Miro
    i loved your descriptive writing it was very interesting i hope Sid gets better soon.
    next time try to change some of your words and make them more complex to read
    i would love it if you could go to my blog and tell me your opinion.


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