Thursday, 30 August 2018

Go Headphones

In our class we have some trouble makers who used the headphones wrongly which brought us to the stage where we were going to get rid of them. Our teacher asked us to write a persuasive script of writing to tell us if we wanted to keep them are or not. I voted to keep them. Here is my persuasive script of why I think that the headphones should stay:

I believe that we should keep the headphones because I think they are better than the UE boom 2 for some reasons.

Reason one is that with the headphones, you can listen to music and to other things without the whole class hearing you. If we use the UE boom 2 then it is more likely people laugh at funny parts instead of just the one person with the headphones.

Also, if something happened to the UE boom 2 like if it was dropped, then everybody would have to try to listen to the computer's sound (which is so much quieter.)

As well as that, you can listen to more things if it was supposed to be listening to learning stuff for example. Imagine you were trying to listen to reading plus over somebody's else's computer, with them putting it on full blast and you couldn’t hear your computer at all.

Also something that the headphones do is to keep us concentrated on what we are supposed to be doing. Like, for example, you could be trying to listen to instructions for an art project, and even if it is loud around you, you will only hear a little. (unless they are being really loud)

So in conclusion, I think we should keep the headphones because they keep sound to yourself and blocks out other peoples sound.

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  1. Miro you have made some great points why we should keep headphones. It is frustrating to try and hear your device over top of other peoples. Next time you might be able to find some research to help prove your points.


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