Friday, 10 August 2018

Dark Boy

In writing, Room 6 has was given a picture of a boy in the dark. We had to find out things about him by looking in his eyes for example. Then we created a document, named it "Look into his Eyes" and then wrote the sentence which came with the picture, "It is night time, a boy walks onto a road, he sees a figure, he feels happy." We had to Upgrade those four sentences. here is my finished work: The starry sky seemed to be endless with darkness which surrounding them with the moon as the only light. The houses and shelters blended in like they weren’t there which made them hard to look out for. Crawling to his feet and trotting out of his small shelter, John looked up at the blinding white moon. Stumbling on to the cold, hard road, he thought of the last night he had like this. It was three months ago,but he felt it like it was the only thing he could think about. His father had received a call from the army to tell him that they needed everyman they had. He had left that same night. Suddenly John spots a dark figure stand in his path. The man was wearing a grey jacket which dropped down to his knees. He had his head down so it made it impossible to see his face. His camo brown pants looked like they had been through some rough times. John turns away to run when the man looks up and shows his face. Instantly realising who it was, John turned back towards him and is filled with happiness and joy, scaring away his sorrow and fear. It was his Father.

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