Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Alliteration Poem

In writing we have bean learning to write poems. We started out with an alliteration poem where we tried to use as many words starting with M. We took a new line every time we would pause to take a breath. Here is my poem about a Mantis. 

The male mantis moaned
as he moped out from out of his magnificent mushroom in the morning.
The mantis marched towards his maple tree
which always has many mosquitos.
Noticing a mosquito
he misguidedly leaped at its monstrous wings.
“Missed!” muttered the mantis
as he plummeted towards the maple leaf mounds below.
Making himself pull him up
He marched towards the smell of a meaty meal
And arriving he noticed a murdered monkey corpse on an earth mound.
The mantis digged into his mammal meal
with his mandible mouth.
A maleficent mouse emerges from the mound
and scares the mantis back to his mushroom.
Mournfully marching back to his monstrous mushroom
he finds a magnificent melon.
The End   


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