Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Writing Reflection

Room 5 has been learning about writing a refection about our work. A little while a ago we wrote a report about a native animal so we wrote our reflection about that. Here it is, hope you enjoy it.

We are learning to reflect on our learning.  To help me write a successful report in a group, usually one or two people in the group research on different sites to get it done quicker. Sometimes I don’t know what to write because I have taken the best ideas out in the earlier sentences. What I liked about working with buddies and writing a report is having time with my friends and doing a report about nature at the same time. It was a bit difficult because I sometimes got distracted by the group and had to keep getting them on track. I could research a it more before I write the report.
I preferred to work with a group because you can research quicker and get work done faster. The good thing that happened in the group was that a lot of the group, including me, worked relentlessly. A flaw was that one person in the group would get stuck frequently. Maybe next time I could help anyone that needed it with every spare moment I have.     

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