Thursday, 11 May 2017

My Alone Poem

 In Room 5 we were working on writing poems and learning about them, so we read a poem from Gregory Harrison called "Alone in the Grange." After we read his poem, we wrote our own, we even got to choose the character and setting! Everybody in the class wrote their own and here is mine. Hope you enjoy the video at the end.


Is the fearless wolf,
Who prowls the grasslands for food.

Is the wolf as he rushes past all his surroundings,
Whose vision makes rocks,trees and grass vanish in a flash.

Are the wolf's long white teeth,
Which pierce his unlucky catches.

Is the wolf by all the animals,
Which wait for his next strike.

They say that he hides in the shadows,
As the bats screech and flutter.
The animals know to stay away,
Because he is known to kill all his prey.
They call him a beast,
A big hairy monster.  
Is he a fearless young wolf as everybody thinks?
Or is he a lonely grey wolf who is always hungry.

By Miro


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  1. You've really understood the structure of the poem we read and you used your own ideas to write about the wolf. You've brought the wolf to life and made him sound quite threatening. It would be great to see your slideshow as well as hearing you recite your poem, Miro.


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