Friday, 26 May 2017

My Magic Box

In Room 5 we have been working on poems so we worked on a poem called the Magic box by Kit Wright. Everyone in Room 5 made their own and in them we put anything that could not really fit in a magic box. Here is my one, hope you like it.

My Magic Box
I will put in the box
the clanging of a colossal dragon's claws against a knight’s cold, clean armour,
The foul stench of a burning shark in the ocean,
the shine of the moon upon a newly born angler fish.

I will put in the box
the roar of a rare raptor on a rageful hunt,
the taste of the salty sea wave on a scorching day,
a tooth of an ancient ornithomimus, biting a gator.

I will put in the box
the eering screech of a bald eagle on a morning flight,
the smell of a hot dog hidden inside a pickle,
a minnow in a flying washing machine.

I will put in the box
a fleshy hand from an old preserved caveman,
the sound of a jaguar growling at another jaguar in its territory,
the sound of a noodle playing a trumpet on a spoon.

I will put in the box
the flame of an old European dragon,
a sneaky spider that has a spooky skull on its spinneret,
the taste of very hot plastic that burns heaps of plastic.

I will put in the box
the spicy smell of the fog from Mercury,
a spell that makes you like veggies,
the sound of a balloon popping under immense heat.

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