Friday, 9 September 2016

My Pet Day explanation

Room Five has been learning to write an explanation about things. The past week we have been writing a explanation about pet day. Here is my explanation about pet day.

What is Pet Day?

Once a year children bring their animals from farms or just normal homes to Awahono School, which has an event called Pet Day where we show off our pets.

On Pet Day people bring animals from farms or not farms, small and big, and tame and wild animals come to Awahono School. All the pets that come to School are put into different places because they are sorted into their animal categories, so a calf would not be next to a dog, a calf would be next to a calf.

Pet Projects                  
Before Pet Day, children at Awahono describe their animals in a poster or a booklet. In your pet project you have to explain what your pet likes, how you look after it, what kind of food it likes, what it does that is silly, what kind of home it has and what it’s habits are.

Pet Day Activity     
Before Pet Day people sign up for two activities to do on Pet Day and those two activities could be, cupcake making, landscape designing or plasticine making. In some of the activities you create the object at home but some, like cupcake making, you do not do at home.

Pet Parade     
Before the Pet Day activities all the kids at Awahono carry their pets around the court once. They don’t go round all at once, they are sorted into categories so that you can tell when you walk around. Before people start walking around we have to sit on the side of the court and wait for the judges to be ready.

The judges that help out on Pet Day come from all over the South island. People like farmers, butchers and teachers. The judges watch all the people at Pet Day and they decide by how the children describe their pets in their pet projects.

My opinion about Pet Day is that it is a perfect opportunity to learn and meet about other people’s pets. I think that Pet Day is great and awesome because people get to meet other people’s animals and how they act.

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  1. Miro, your explanation gives the reader a very clear understanding of what Pet Day is all about. Next time, leave a little less space between paragraphs. Have you thought about including a picture of a pet?
    Mrs Idle


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