Friday, 2 September 2016

What are the Olympic Games?

Room Five has been learning and writing about the Olympic Games and we had to explain who, what, when and where in the first paragraph. Then we had to write different paragraphs and give them titles such as, medals or athletes to tell the reader what we will be talking about in that paragraph. Here is my writing about the Olympics.

What are the Olympic Games?  
Every four years athletes from all over the world come together to a different country to compete in sporting events for 17 days, at the Olympic Games to represent their countries.
At the Olympic Games the top athletes of their countries come to win medals. In all the events a gold medal is given to the athlete that won first place, the silver medal would go to the one that won second place and the bronze medal would be given to the one who got third place, the gold medal isn’t really solid gold, it is silver with a very thin layer of gold.

The athletes that go to the Olympic Games have to be top athletes of their countries and even then you still have to sign up for it. When they go to the Olympic Games one of the athletes, holds up their country’s flag to represent their country. One of the best athletes that goes to the Olympics is a girl from South America that is so good in gymnastics that a move was named after her.
I think that it was and still is a good idea to do the        Olympics to make a more peaceful world. Though the Olympics needs tons of money to be held, I still recommend that people should still go to it and compete in it to represent their countries. I think it is so good that when I am older even I might to try and get in and do throwing with javelins.


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