Friday, 14 February 2020

future self letter

In class we have been doing writing and for part of that we have made a letter to our future self. We wrote a letter talking about what we liked and didn't like right now and the idea is that we will read it at the end of the year. here it is:

Dear future Miro, 

If you are reading this then you are me but in the future.
Just to remind you which past self I am I will list some things
about me now and you can can compare them to yourself to
see how much you have changed in a year.  

  1. I like to play baseball and soccer, I love having time with my
  2. family.  
  3. I like to play with my pets and I hate to play rugby and
  4. dislike doing homework.
  5. My friends are Deakyn, Hunter, Tane and Ryan. 
  6. In five years I see myself somewhere in high school maybe   
  7. Here are my goals: My reading goal is to finish 10 books
  8. throughout the year.My writing goal is to become better at
  9. writing stories told as if the character was seeing it. My
  10. maths goal is to either be at level 8 or higher. My personal
  11. goal is to work hard and earn enough money on banker to
  12. get lots of free time on minecraft. My social goal is to make
  13. at least one more friend. 
  14. I am looking forward to cross country and the swimming
  15. competition. 
  16. I am a little nervous about sharing my end of year speech
  17. at prizegiving.

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