Friday, 22 February 2019

Reading Activity

In the book that our teachers are reading to us the character went into the London Underground. Because of that some of our reading activities were based around the London Underground. For my activity I researched The London Underground and presented what I found out on a google drawing. I hope that My poster helps you understand the London Underground more. Here it is:


  1. Hi there Miro Bethiney here i like your reading blog poster on cherub.
    Maybe next time you could put some colour in the boxes.
    from Bethiney

  2. Thank you for that nice comment Bethiney. I could make that change.

  3. Great poster Miro, very clear and easy to read. I didn't know how it got it's nickname 'The Tube', thanks for sharing that. Be sure to check you've used capitals for place names.
    Mrs Hahn

  4. Hi Miro, Sophie here from Awahono School. I like how you have made your background green so that you can read it. What does 400kl mean? I have heard of a tunnel that the people around London hid in when the war was going on. Is it the same one? The title really goes with the topic, and it makes me have this feeling like dirt is slithering through my hands. Maybe next time you could say where you got the picture from and make the writing bigger. Great work Miro!

  5. Thanks for the comment Sophie. 400kl means 400 kilometres of track. I don't know for sure because I didn't see anything about it while researching if this is the tunnel they hid in but I guess it could be the same one.


Thank-you for your positive, thoughtful, helpful comment.