Friday, 9 March 2018

Summer Poem

In Room Five we are learning to write poems. We read a poem writing by MARCI RIDLON. We had to start every new poem with saying "Remember that time when" and they always ended with "That was summer." Here it is.

Remember that time
when you jumped into the water
fully dressed and it felt like
a half heated pool
with rocks?
Remember how you clambered out,
swaying back and forth
because of the weight?
That was summer.

Remember that time
when you were in the
bush and you had
heaps of hook grass
on your pants?
Remember how the
buzzing and the
water trickling sounded?
That was summer.

Remember that time
when someone or
something pushed you
in the water without you knowing?
Remember how you felt as you fell through the air,
Related imageangry (but not really) because
you were going to jump in anyway
and when you hit the water it felt nice?
That was summer.

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  1. I like how you described the different sensations and sounds of summer and also how those made you feel!


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