Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Total Annihilation animation

With my friend Tane we made an army stop motion animation. We aimed to make 1000 slides, but we ended it at almost 500 and decided to make a sequel. It was so good that we might make it into a trilogy.  Here is the first one called Total Annihilation. Let me know if you like it.



  1. Miro, you added some fun aspects to this Stop Motion Animation....looks like you and Tane had fun working together on this project, well done to both of you!

  2. Hi Miro
    You've done a great job with this animation - well done! I especially like Thog, the apparently indestructible character you created. I like the way you found a solution to eventually destroy him; it reminds me of what happened in the story, "The Iron Man" - was that were you got the idea?
    Looking forward to seeing what happens next in Part 2, Thog's Revenge.
    Mrs Idle


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