Thursday, 23 May 2019

Inferno Cloud

Inferno Cloud  
Everybody around me was shrieking and running around as the
unstoppable inferno grew closer. The heat was unbearable so I sprinted
towards my house, not knowing what to do. My friend,Uko, held me back
as the triple decker building collapsed in on itself into the fire below.
Uko was a kind boy who tried to look out for everybody, including his
friends. I pushed my friend away as I ran into what was left of the
building. The heat was searing and I was about to dash out when a large
beam fell from what remained of the second floor and knocked me out.
After that I had flashes of what happened next. I got the picture that
someone came in to get me out and took me to one the railways that led
out of the city, and then everything went black.
After what felt like minutes, I was awake and hunched in the seat of
the railway carriage with my face soaked with sweat and drizzle. I wiped
my soaking face with what I meant to be my hand, but turned out to be
a wet cloth. It was a bright night full of cold, stinging wind which only
added to the thin veil of drizzle which felt sickening. The edges of the
lake seemed endless as the wooden rail cart bumped along the rocky track.
I unfolded the cloth to find a burned hand which was still a little warm.
I looked around the carriage. I, of course, saw Uko, then I spotted my
brother, Miyu, a lively kid who enjoys joining in, and furthest away was Lily.
I turned around slowly to see in the distance a red cloud of fire.
Every few seconds orange lightning would flash out of it and then
back in. “We don’t know what it is.” I wheeled around to find out that Lily
knew I was awake and was looking right past me into the cloud of fire.
“But it’s gaining,” she said, acting like no time had passed. “We probably
won’t make it, your brother thinks we will, but Uko and I have lost most of
our hope.” Looking back at the cloudy inferno I grew more pale when I
looked up and along it. It stretched further than the eye could see and
it was higher than the clouds.
“Look, I’m sorry about your arm, I shouldn’t have let you go in there.” It
was Uko this time. Turning around slowly I met his eyes.
“It’s okay, I was the one who went in there. I should be thanking
you for saving me, I would have been toast if someone hadn’t come
in to get me.” “We have to get to the underground storage before it catches
us or we are doomed!”Just then a huge bolt of orange lighting struck the
track metres in front of them, destroying the rails and the stone causeway.
As quickly as it happened, everybody jumped off onto the track beside
them and watched as the grey contraption rolled into the turquoise water.
Nothing happened for a second or two then the cart melted into the water
like it was sugar. And just when things seemed like they couldn’t get any
worse, the red cloud started spitting out the various things it had swallowed.
“ Just perfect!” said Uko sarcastically. Just then I got an idea.
“ Hey Uko, run at me.”
“What?” shouted Uko.
“Just trust me!” I shouted back. After a few seconds, Uko sprinted
towards me as fast as he could. When he was close to me I grabbed
his feet and pushed him up so high into the air. Almost instantly a giant
piece of wood slammed into him and sent him flying across the gap in
the track and even landed on the pale green grass. “Now you Lily.”
Same as Uko, she ran at me and then I boosted her up. Then I did Miyu.
Both times something hit them, sending them onto the land. Almost instantly
after they landed they scrambled into the shelter. Now it was my turn.
I boosted as high up as I could which felt like only a smidge. Just when
I thought I wouldn’t make it, a whole tree smacked into my side and sent
me careening towards land. I jumped away from it at the last second so
it wouldn’t crush me, then I dived into the shelter. As soon as I was in,
Lily slammed and locked the hatch door. There were shelves and shelves
of canned or bottled food. As I collapsed on the hard wooden floor,
I sighed so long that it could have been for an hour. “ Some day!”
proclaimed Miyu, pulling me up.
“Yes indeed,” I replied.

The End  

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  1. Kia Ora Miro
    My name is Eden I'm from Lake Brunner School

    I really enjoyed reading your story.
    A suggestion for next time is when you post it press enter at the end of a sentence so that the writing isn't off the page.
    Do you enjoy writing creative story's?


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