Friday, 27 October 2017

Pet Day Writing

At Awahono School we were planning for Pet Day by making our Pet Day projects which was essential for that special day. In this part of writing I have said how I take care of my pet.  If you think I should put it in a slideshow then you can tell me. Here is the writing. Hope you enjoy it.

How I Look After my Pet

At my house I have a pet guinea pig called Crystal. Every day I check up on her to make sure that she is safe and healthy. We got Crystal because my last guinea pig ran away into the bush.

Crystal has a variety of food because she likes all fruits, vegetables and grass. In the morning and afternoon I give her a type of cereal that she will squeak her head off for. We have to move her three times a day because all the grass in her pen is devoured in hours. If Crystal is hungry she will squeak very loudly so we can hear her from inside the house and when she does that we give her carrots or some apples, but sometimes we give her a pear for a treat.

Crystal’s pen has an open roof to let in sun, so she is in danger of an aerial attack from the falcon especially after it just had three plus babies! Even though she is brown all over, she is still very easy to spot from above. Our schedule for Crystal is pretty much always different, sometimes we don’t need to do anything except feed and move her, but other times we could do fifteen things a day for her!
Baths and Grooming
Crystal and the other guinea pig are not very fond of baths and Crystal hates it the most because, even before we put her in she will squirm and squirm trying to get away. We put them in a small, wide container that we fill with warm water. After we take them out and dry them off by the fire I get out the brush and try and give her a nice massage. I don’t try to make Crystal’s fur straight because her’s is the type that is always scruffy.     

I do not need to give Crystal exercise because she will run around her pen about three quarters of the time. Sometimes she will also play chase with the other guinea pig. We have put in a ramp so that she will also climb that too. My brother made a nice tunnel which Crystal walks through every morning.

Crystal has a fear of rain so we bring her inside and put her into a big, but shallow, empty pool. When it starts to rain heavily Crystal will squeak so loudly that her ears flop up and down. Another fear that Crystal has is the weka which we have nicknamed Peepers. Peepers would circle around Crystal’s pen and take quick nips through the bars.

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